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  • Qualified and operational assistance
  • Full cycle technical support

Call 22 00 44 31

SIA RIPO International Ltd. the price list of services is valid from 1 January 2022

Working days from 8:30 to 17:29
Tariff I

  • Call, getting to the client (in Riga and area up to 20 km from the center of Riga) 18.15 Eur
  • Call outside Riga ** 0.62 Eur/km
  • Labor costs *** Work (1 master) 43.85 Eur/h
  • Minimum paid time 1 h

Working days from 17:30 to 22:00
Tariff II

  • Call, getting to the client (in Riga and area up to 20 km from the center of Riga) 36.30 Eur
  • Call outside Riga ** 0.62 Eur/km
  • Labor costs *** Work (1 master) 87.70 Eur/h
  • Minimum paid time 1 h

*Prices include VAT!

** Travel expenses are calculated for both directions (round trip amount), the price includes fuel costs and time spent per master.

*** If the work is to be done by two or more masters, then the hourly rate is multiplied by the total number of masters.

When leaving for the client:
- the minimum paid time is one hour, regardless of the time spent,
- for each subsequent hour, the working time is counted to the nearest half hour.

Repairs on site Ripo plant: master's work time is calculated every 30min.

Urgent call: In case of urgent calls, Tariff II applies.

Warranty repair: In case of the Master's visit to the customer, replacement of parts and work do not have to be paid if the Warranty case is acknowledged.



  • In places where it is not possible to park the car in the free parking lot, the prices of the nearest parking lot will be added to the bill. In places where access requires paid entry permits, the amount of the entry permit will be added to the invoice.
  • Equipment that will be brought to the workshop dirty, dismantled and incomplete will be charged an additional fee of 25 EUR.


Priority for customers with concluded maintenance contracts!

SIA “RIPO International Ltd.” reserves the right to change prices.

RIPO service phone number +371 22 00 44 31

Professional level technical service and service solutions


Qualified and operational assistance

RIPO masters are experienced and knowledgeable in gate installation and maintenance, therefore we pay great attention to customer needs.

We always recommend the best solutions so that the gates we produce last a long time and work flawlessly. We react quickly if necessary gate repair, and we advise if technical issues arise.


Full cycle technical support

We offer full technical service and concluding a service contract in order to solve any problems quickly and the equipment to work smoothly without stopping. Maintenance, repair, fault diagnosis and repair, moving parts of the gate (springs, rollers, guides, hinges, rails, gaskets, etc. c. components) lubrication and adjustment, fastening and spring tightening / adjustment, programming and software diagnostics.

  • Individual approach and fast service 
  • Quality service 
  • Professional team
  • Trips and service throughout Latvia
  • More than 25 years of experience in the market


We install, repair and perform service and warranty maintenance throughout the territory of Latvia:

  • Private house garage gates;
  • Area gates (hinged, sliding);
  • Industrial sectional doors;
  • High speed gates;
  • Loading systems;
  • Barriers;
  • For all types of automatics, regardless of the manufacturer.

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