• What is the execusion and delivery timeframe?

Most RIPO orders take 2 – 4 weeks to make and deliver, depending on the type of product, it’s availability in the store (or the need to order from supplier), the orders amount and specifications that may lead to a longer waiting time.


  • What is the manufacturer like?

RIPO International works with certified and world-wide acknowledged material providers who have proven their quality, such as Teckentrup, FlexiForce, Marantec, Sapa, Alutex, Nexer, Isotra, Selt and others.



  • Where can I see the product samples?

All RIPO International hoem construction goods can be seen, bought and ordered at our building material salon on 11 k-7 Katlakalna street, Riga, LV-1073.


  • Do we set up the products we provide?

Yes, before installing our product for your home, our Ripo proffesional agrees on the time to visit your home and take needed measures. Once the product is make, we deliver it to your home and set it up.